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"Female Arousal Gel"

HerGeL is an exciting feminine arousal product developed by women for women of all ages. It is intended to add pleasure, increase desire, and enhance any intimate encounter.  It has lubricating properties but is not intended for use as a lubricant only.
While the pleasure response varies from woman to woman, usually there will be a gentle tingling sensation within moments of a delicate application to the clitoral area. Most women relate the immediate response as pleasurable and intensely arousing.  As the blood flow increases, you should notice a warming sensation and increased sexual excitement. Of course its not meant to preclude the intimate caress but it does add that extra level of orgasmic pleasure.
Any woman who wants to enhance her sexual responsiveness, increase her pleasure and facilitate her ability to orgasm can benefit from the use of HerGel. 1 fl. oz. 

This product contains glycerin and L-Argenine.

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